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Kelly Terranova

Kelly Terranova

For a man who bills himself as "The World's Only Vegetarian NASCAR Fan", this comedian seems to have energy that you would think could only come from animal protein. When Kelly Terranova takes the stage, as he has done in more than 500 venues nationwide, audiences are taken on an energetic and slightly cynical look at America's pop culture icons...from our fascination with figure skating to NASCAR racing to riverboat gambling. 

A former radio talk show host, Terranova's material is often culled from the day's headlines...there's no time for this "routine" to get routine. Terranova is known as a skilled comedian who features playful audience interaction, making each show unique.

Kelly is featured on CMT’s hilarious program, CMT’s Comedy Stage. He was a finalist in both the Funny Bone Comedy Club's World Series of Comedy and Carnival Cruise Line's Las Vegas Comedy Challenge. Kelly has appeared with Michael Bolton, The Doobie Brothers, Jim Breuer, Brett Butler and Tim Wilson.

Terranova resides in Annapolis, MD, along with his saintly wife and four (count ‘em!) four children.

Monday, 23 October 2017 21:25

The Silver Lining...

Just back from the Carnival VISTA and wanted to share a recent development and opportunity.

For nearly five years, the major part of my work year has been spent
in the Caribbean. As I travel port to port, I’ve been able to witness
the hard work and enjoy the warm hospitality of those who rely on
tourism for their living. In the places that I visit often, I have
come to know many of these folks personally. Of course, my heart was
heavy as news poured in the past few weeks regarding the destruction
endured by so many of those areas.

I’m pleased to learn that Carnival Cruise Line has committed more than
12.5 million dollars in financial support to the affected region in the
wake of the multiple disasters they endured this fall. Additionally,
Carnival responded to a FEMA request by making a ship available for
four months to provide food and lodging for relief workers in St.

Croix. I’m proud to work with a company that exhibits humanitarian
values, though now I find myself with a December schedule that is
much more “open” than I had expected.

Given that, I thought it would be fun to turn back the clock a bit and
seek out work that I’ve missed doing...the company holiday party.
These were a staple of my business from 2005-2012. I have many fond
memories of celebrating the holiday with companies large and small:
banks, accounting firms, contractors, car dealers...and few just plain
ol' rich folks... and becoming an adopted member of their
“work-family” for a day...albeit a family member who had to fill out a
W-9, but you get the idea. I have not been available to book these
functions for the last several years. But this year, I am available
December 8th-19th. That is prime holiday party territory and I’d love
to perform at yours.

If you are a decision maker (or decision-maker “adjacent”) looking for
a super-easy way to make your party a hit, reach out to me and we'll get busy on the details. By the way, if YOU put me in touch with the
decision maker (in any way, no matter how small) and it leads to a
booking, YOU will earn a “finder’s fee” commission.

In either case, inspired by Carnival’s example, I’ll donate a portion
of my fee to Caribbean Hurricane Relief.

It’s been a great year for me and I’d really enjoy sharing some
laughter with your group as the year draws to a close.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday, 23 September 2017 14:07

Let the avalanche of inquiry begin!


In preparing to write this post I looked back over the my previous blog entries to familiarize myself with the narrative that I've set forth. Got a small reality check there. It seems that I, in a burst of misguided artistic and workman-like fervor, disclosed that my goal was to post once a week! Seems a substantial, but not overly-ambitious goal. I gave myself this once a week challenge on March 30th!  Lets see. Roughly 26 weeks have passed since that declaration. Now taking a look at my posts the grand total is 3! By all rights it’s actually one of those 3 was just a slap-dash preview of coming attractions. Two posts in 26 weeks.. On that pace it’ll be the middle of March 2018 before you have access to the amount of content that you SHOULD have sitting in your browser right now. I figure if I flog myself here, making a big enough deal out of my paucity of effort, I'll shame myself into reforming my ways. But I digress...


“You’re a comedian! That’s exciting. You know, I’ve always wondered...”

Happens all the time. On airplanes, in doctor’s offices, and aboard cruise ships (where I have performed for huge chunks of the last four years).

Do I sometimes bring it up “nonchalantly-on-purpose”? Sure. I’m only human.

Yeah! It's been a while, but I had to learn a lot of new words to express myself. Exciting  and humorous musings on the way. #FakeNews #Sad #FailingComedian




So, why a blog? Ah, the not-at-all eternal question.

When deciding to revamp my website for the 4th time (yes this is my 4.0 update...go in the Wayback Machine some time to version 1.0, 2.0 and most recently 3.0 ...ugh), I knew that it needed to be, let’s say, a little more dynamic. Not just a book report of a site, but something that information, aka “content”, that appears regularly (aye, there’s the rub) to DRIVE traffic to my site. (that's a lot of SEO type stuff in no mind, please keep reading.)